Redux in React and Angular 2

Earlier this month I presented at dddbrisbane about simplifying UI programming and I included the simplest React + Redux application I could come up with.

The simplest React + Redux application I could come up with

It displays a random number. Clicking the text generates a new random number. Toggle the Result button to see the code more easily.

See the Pen FknRooowwwmmm by Liam McLennan (@liammclennan) on CodePen.

It uses the React function component syntax to define the component as a function from UI state (props) to HTML (a H1 tag).

function HelloNumber(props) {
  function handleClick(e) {
  return <h1 onClick={handleClick}>A random number {props.number}h1>;

The onClick handler dispatches a MAKE_A_NEW_NUMBER action to the redux store.

The UI state for the application is an object with a property number:

{ number: Math.random() }

The redux reducer (function responsibile for applying actions to the state to make a new state) handles the MAKE_A_NEW_NUMBER number by setting it to a new random number.

let store = Redux.createStore(function (state = { number: Math.random() }, action) {
  switch (action.type) {
    case 'MAKE_A_NEW_NUMBER':
      return Object.assign({},state, {number:Math.random()});
    default: return state;

Now dispatching an application has updated the state, but we still need to have state changes trigger the UI to update, which is done via the subscribe method:

    <HelloNumber number={store.getState().number}  />, 

and finally prime the whole thing by an initial dispatch


This is not strictly necessary but it is an easy way to trigger the subscribe callback and cause the initial render.

The simplest Angular 2 + Redux application I could come up with

What would the equivalent Angular 2 application look like?

I couldn’t find a simple way to develop an Angular 2 application in Codepen or similar so instead I worked locally, starting with the Angular 2 Quickstart.

To reproduce the random number display functionality in Angular 2 I found that I needed a component hierarchy (parent + child).

The child component contains the header and dispatches a NEW_RANDOM_NUMBER action when clicked, just like the React component. Two values are passed into the child component, from the parent, via @Input() decorators: the application state (appState) and the redux store dispatch function (dispatch).

import { Component,Input } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'my-child',
  template: `

A random number {{appState.number}}

`, }) export class ChildComponent { @Input() appState:any; @Input() dispatch: (action:any) => void; onClickMe() { this.dispatch({type:’NEW_RANDOM_NUMBER’}); } }

The parent component (AppComponent) creates the redux store, using the same reducer as the React version. The UI state is copied to a local field (appState) and updated whenever the store’s state changes. The appState and redux dispatch function are bound to the child component ().

import { Component,Input } from '@angular/core';
import { ChildComponent } from './child.component';
import { createStore } from 'redux'

interface HasANumber {
  number: number;
interface Action {
  type: string;

  selector: 'my-app',
  template: `"appState" [dispatch]="store.dispatch">my-child>`
export class AppComponent  { 
  store = createStore<HasANumber>(function (state = {number:Math.random()}, action:Action) {
    switch (action.type) {
      case "NEW_RANDOM_NUMBER": 
        return {number:Math.random()};
      default: return state;
  appState =;

  constructor() {> {
      this.appState =;      

Final Thoughts

Having Typescript easily available in Angular 2 was nice. Further, I found that Angular 2 is at its best when imitating my very strict React style. Both frameworks work well with Redux and the uni-directional data flow idea.


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